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Jay Zayer, CRMP

For over 15 years Jay Zayer has been commited to helping educate his clients on Reverse Mortgages.  There are many factors to consider when exploring whether a reverse mortgage if the right finanical tool;  the various types of reverse mortgages, how long to plan on living in your home, line of credit, month dispursement, lump sum cash or a hybrid of all three.  Interest rates and closing costs are also very important factors to consider when determining the best option.

ARAMCO Mortgage is a Reverse Mortgage financing company committed to serving the needs of its customers. Aramco Mortgage specializes in providing mortgage financing for home buyers and those seeking to refinance their existing home loans. Aramco specializes in government insured and private reverse mortgages for senior homeowners. For more information call Jay direct at 760-271-8646.